Outdoor Secrets





  • Concreting
  • Fencing
  • Lighting
  • Paving
  • Pool
  • Timber Decking
  • Water Feature

Project Description

Our clients wanted to update their backyard after completing renovations inside their home.  During the renovation, several golden cane palms were removed beside their existing pool which affected their privacy to neighbouring properties. The palms trees had been planted beside pool pipes which is an incredibly common error mistake made by homeowners or contractors. The roots had grown around the pool pipes, crushing and causing cracking in the pressure pipe.

A way to avoid this happening is to either place the pool pipes 600 mm below ground, in the pool shell itself or make sure no invasive trees are used near the area. The existing pool had Pebblecrete wrapped onto the top surface which was cracking and needed to be replaced on close inspection. New waterline tiles, coping, plumbing and water feature were part of our new Landscape Concept. Frameless glass fence core drilled into the new coloured concrete flooring created a beautiful impact. The plants are a combination of tropical and low maintenance with larger Eumundii used along the boundary to create the privacy that was lost. Shade tolerant Sir Walter turf was used because of insufficient sun/light to the area.

LED garden lighting transforms the garden at night especially on the large Evergreen Frangimpanis, Dragon trees and the large Mexican Grass Tree.