Outdoor Secrets





  • Fencing
  • Garden Screens
  • Paving
  • Water Feature

Project Description

Our clients have a love of Japan and everything about the Japanese culture, so the brief was simple. “Design a Japanese garden while staying within their budget”.
This design starts before you even enter the site, with three Corten steel laser cut panels with a beautiful Cherry Blossom cut out design on them acting as the boundary fence.
As you enter the site you step onto the granite paved patio area. This area is surrounded by Japanese Mondo grass and with three more laser cut Corten steel panels with the same Japanese maple design. At the base of the steel screens are more Japanese Mondo grass, Liriope and a bamboo water feature. The water feature is to create peace and serenity in the garden for all to enjoy.
Down the eastern long narrow side of the house is filled with decorative pebbles which are great to rake with a Japanese garden rake custom made by the Outdoor Secrets construction team. There are also three large granite boulders that represent mountains in Japanese garden law. The raked pebbles around the boulders represent the contours of the surrounding land. The unevenness of the stepping stones is a design feature that slows people down in the site and makes them take in the beauty of the garden they are in. The other plants that have been used to give life to the design are Bambusa textilis, Bambusa heterostachya (Malay dwarf), Gardenia florida and Juniperus horizontalis (Creeping juniper).