Outdoor Secrets





  • Timber decking
  • Water feature

Project Description

For this particular project, the clients wanted a functional and usable space, while maximising the yard area available to them.

Height and length were the key design moves used in this garden to give the clients exactly want they wanted from this space. Three tall waterspout piers were constructed in front of the kitchen window so that the client could see the space from inside their home. Glass panels where used in the water feature for the water to run on so the noise of splashing water was reduced. Spartan Conifers where used as the main species in the garden as they also give height and draw the eye up rather than down on ground level. In this small space the client also wanted a small quantity of turf, and in this small space mowing would have be an issue so artificial turf was installed. Outdoor porcelain tiles where used with timber inserts running length ways to also draw the users eye across the space and give the illusion the space is bigger.

Although this space was a smaller area only being 3m by 8m, there are many different elements to this garden and ways to use, entertain and relax in.