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Step-by-Step Guide to our Design & Construction Process

Landscape Design

Outdoor Secrets create innovative, functional outdoor spaces, designed to inspire and enrich the lives of clients today and into the future.

At the core of every project is how a design interacts with the environment and subsequently the role the space performs for the client. When designing an outdoor space, it is vital that a vision is articulated and that it can then be brought to life to the highest possible standard within a client’s budget and time frame.

Are you thinking about renovating or creating a new landscape?

Our Design Process


    Once you fill out the online enquiry, Nathan our Managing Director will call you to ensure that we are the best fit for your desired outcome.  We offer three options to choose from:

    • An on site $99.00 consultation; which entails one hour full of expert advice, design ideas, budgets and recommended best path for the customer to take to achieve their outcome.
    • If you already have house plans and/or survey done, then you can book a design meeting in our office which involves an hour and a half meeting with a Landscape Architect sketching ideas, picking materials and discussing plans for your home.  This costs $400.00 and is a great help to those not sure where to start.
    • If you need a Landscape Design Concept then we can move straight to the design process.

    Do you really need a consultation?

    We definitely recommend it! While you might have some amazing plans and advice from trusted professionals, our decades of experience and knowledge working with Brisbane outdoor spaces is invaluable insight!

    During the consultation, (attended by both homeowners if possible), we can advise you on everything from design, materials, budgets, and access, right through to all the things you need to know to avoid or reduce costly surprises, miscommunication or legal oversights!

    Yes, we are certainly meticulous when it comes to the planning and construction of your dream space but we’re also realistic and aware that some things are simply out of our control. In saying that, we have the skills, knowledge, and resources to devise a thorough contingency plan that if needed, is a priceless document to have.

    So, while the consultation is an added cost, we believe it’s an invaluable investment to include if you would like to explore the full potential of your space and minimise risk. If you would like to optimise your outdoor transformation, please book in a convenient consultation time.

  3. LIVE

Plan Samples

3D Perspectives

Bring your dream garden to life.

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Once the design is complete our highly experienced and passionate landscape construction team take over and bring your landscape to life.

With a carefully selected team of the finest craftsmen in their trades, the Outdoor Secrets team are renowned for finishing projects to the highest standard, at the pinnacle of the design and construction industry. With their meticulous management team working closely together to manage costs, time frames and most of all the expectations of clients, Outdoor Secrets ensure visions transpire nothing short of exceptional.

The constant communication of the Outdoor Secrets design studio with the construction teams is a vital element that contributes to inspirational innovation and quality workmanship. Three key elements provide a strong foundation for continued success; outlined below.

Highly Qualified Landscapers

The Outdoor Secrets construction team consists of highly qualified landscapers who are all passionate about their trade and pride themselves on quality finishes. They also have the drive to raise new benchmarks in how a space flawlessly melds into a landscape. They are constantly looking to innovate, inspire and reinvent the norm.

Professional Management

At the helm of this highly respected award winning company is a dedicated management team. Together they invest time, the best resources and a commitment to inspire, educate and lead their team to accomplish great things in their career and in life. This strong dedication to their staff results in higher standards being achieved for clients and fundamentally a superior standard of workmanship and client service.


The basis to every element the Outdoor Secrets team implement is superior communication. Whether it is between a client and the Site Manager or within the company between teams, every aspect of a project is discussed and documented to the finest detail to ensure objectives are not only met but surpassed, conserving valuable resources and minimising risk.